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How Nobel Prize for Tu Youyou Benefits traditional Chinese medicine

Traditional Chinese Medicine sector is in the limelight following Tu Youyou’s award, with experts seeking legislative boost and for the subject to be taught at school.

Experts in traditional Chinese medicine are calling for legislation and government support to boost the development of the sector, which has been thrust into the limelight by the awarding of a Nobel Prize for medicine to Tu Youyou .

Hype surrounding traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) has grown since Tu told state media this week that her breakthrough was “a successful example of collective exploration in Chinese medicine”, which she described – quoting late leader Mao Zedong – as “a great treasure”.

Tu was awarded the prize for her work on the anti-malaria drug artemisinin, which is based on ancient Chinese herbal medicine. Whether the award should be credited to TCM has sparked heated debate, but this has done little to stop the hype.


Acupuncture For Back Pain on the NHS

In 2011 The British Acupuncture Council wrote the following interesting article on their official website and below is a part of that article on acupuncture for back pain – well any pain actually

The British Acupuncture Council, the UK’s largest professional body for the practice of acupuncture, fully supports NICE’s (National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence) decision that acupuncture be made available on the NHS for chronic lower back pain. 

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10 Reasons to Try Acupuncture

Why Should You Try Acupuncture?

acupuncture-chartWe are always keen to show the enormous benefits of acupuncture in treating pain and any number of other problems. So if you have never before considered acupuncture treatment for yourself then here is a useful list of why we think you should. Go here for more information on Acupuncture 

1. No negative side effects – Unlike some drug treatments, acupuncture is safe and does not have any negative side effects.

The Main Advantages Of Utilizing Acupuncture

The use of acupuncture is now fast gaining popularity. There are lots of people from western countries that seek acupuncture treatment as opposed to traditional medical treatment for various ailments. And why not? Acupuncture is proven to treat a number of health and medical issues. There are various researches and studies that underlines the importance of acupuncture in treating those ailments. As an alternative to drugs and medicines, it is the safest treatment that you can get.

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5 Ideas That Will Make You Think About Acupuncture

We can never escape the fact that we will experience some neck and back pains in our lives. Many people are actually experiencing neck and back pains that are severe cases nowadays and there are some research statistics that shows that people experiencing such condition has been increasing in numbers.

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The Greatest Myths About Acupuncture

The Chinese created the acupuncture healing methods. It is believed that acupuncture or using needles to poke one’s self will get the energy flowing throughout the body. Any problems plaguing the body is healed through this method. The best of both words of healing is chiropractic acupuncture. There are parts of your body that chiropractors call the meridians, and they mainly work on these areas. You can get ill physically when these meridians or parts of your body block each other. Chiropractors use procedures that are also used by acupuncturists when they work on the spine.

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10 Minute Technique To Getting Better Healing – Acupuncture

Stress is one normal occurrence in response to the daily events that we face and this generates a feeling of fright and may affect body functions. For instance, the body produces a fight or flight response when a danger is sensed. This is one of the ways that our body provides a natural protection. This produces focus, alertness and energy particularly in situations that require these. But, stress takes place when this kind of response is overworked and fatigued. When stress occurs, we would notice symptoms like trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, tiredness, irritability, trouble focusing, eating a lot or eating less, anxiety and unexplained pains and aches. Every person experiences stress in a different ways. Fortunately, our body has natural capabilities for stress management.

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Different Benefits Of Acupuncture Treatment

Back pains, headaches, digestive problems, among other ailments are common human ailments. Most people rely on tablet treatment to control these ailments. However, they are numerous benefits of acupuncture when used to treat these diseases. It is a remarkable substitute to tablets treatment. It not only cures diseases but reduces body discomfort due to tiredness.

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The Advantages Of Acupuncture With Your Chinese Doctor

Before all of us start a discussion regarding the advantages of acupuncture, let’s talk about the origins associated with acupuncture. It was initially utilized in China over 2000 years ago, and is among the earliest health care procedures within the world. It is a family of procedures that stimulates the physiology of the body and helps you to balance the power circulation throughout the body. It is this kind of acupuncture that is practiced within the United Sates nowadays, by using tiny, metal needles placed in impacted areas and manipulated by hand or through electric stimulation.


Various Services That A Chiropractor Provides

A West Des Moines chiropractor is someone able to treat and even diagnose issues connected to the nerves, skeleton, and the muscles. He is someone who has an approach to health that is different, and this is one which does not rely on drugs along with surgery. But they refer clients to experts as well as doctors if they could not treat a specific concern.

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