by Dr Qian


by Dr Qian


The Top 3 “Dirty Little Secrets” Lurking In 
The Pain Relief

Industry’s Closet Of LIES!

Why is it that you’re forced to simply ACCEPT a laundry-list of side effects if you start a new pain medication?

Why is it that millions of people every day are watching commercials where the list of side effects is longer than the commercial itself… yet STILL spend their hard-earned money on those products?

And why is it that millions of people all around the world are still willing to ACCEPT these dreadful, mind-fogging, life-shortening side effects even though there are safe alternatives available?

I’d like to let you in on the top three little secrets the “pain relief” industry is trying to hide from you. Secrets that are not only lining the pockets of “Big Pharma”, but also KILLING people just like you as a result.

Secret #1: 
Drug Side Effects Are Not Only Dangerous…
They’re DEADLY!

For years, even decades we’ve been told that if you have pain… just taking something like… Advil… Aleve… Bayer… Celebrex… Demerol… Motrin… Naproxen… Oxycontin… Percocet… Tylenol… Ultram… or Vicodin… and your pain will simply disappear.

And that’s fine – if you’re not a fan of living.

While these drugs may be working right now to temporarily stop your pain… they are secretly working behind the scenes… tearing apart your stomach… turning your organs into mush… and causing your insides to become leaky taps of BLOOD!

Don’t believe me?

Here’s proof.

Adverse drug reactions are the 4th leading cause of death in the United States… and even put your life at risk in the hospital… affecting more than 1 in 10 patients.

Only Heart Disease, Cancer, And Strokes 
Kill More People Every Year!

Here are just a handful of examples of commonly prescribed pain meds and their health-crushing effects…

Aspirin – Want to DOUBLE your chances of developing a perforated ulcer or gastrointestinal bleeding? Then start taking “1-a-day” Aspirin and kiss your organs goodbye!

Vicodin, Lorcet, Norco, Percocet, Percodan, Hydrocodone, Oxycodone – Over 16,000 people per year DIE from opiate overdoses. These highly addictive pain meds prescribed by pill-happy doctors cause liver failure, severe constipation leading to ruptured bowels, blocked bowels or sepsis… severe respiratory depression, confusion, coma, and complete cardiac arrest.

Advil, Aleve, ibuprofen, naproxen – These “everyday” pain meds carry a heavy burden. Much heavier than you would ever expect. Just check out these stats…

… The odds of dying from taking a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID) after just two months is around 1 in 1,200.

… Roughly 16,685 people die each year from NSAID related complications… stealing the life away from as many people as AIDS!

Celebrex – Feeling like playing a little Russian roulette with your heart and brain? Just take prescription Celebrex and you’llinstantly triple your risk of heart attack or stroke!

While studying the drug’s potential as an anti-cancer drug, the National Cancer Institute discovered that…

“Those taking 400mg doses had 250% greater risk of dying from heart attack or stroke… and those taking the 800mg doses has 340% times the risk!”

So you need to ask…

… WHY are these pain medications so harmful to your body?

… WHY do they put you at risk for so many other side effects?

WHY have you been betrayed and lied to by the drug companies and doctors who prescribe you these potentially deadly pain meds?

Secret #2: 
IF You’re In Pain – PLEASE Don’t Fall Victim
To The Greedy, Money-Hungry Drug Corporations Feeding You Lies!

Giant pain medication corporations care about one thing.


They don’t care that their products are munching away on the inside of YOUR body like an uncontrollable cancer…slowly feasting on the healthy cells and organs inside you.

They care about money. Plain and simple.

Wanna know WHERE that money is going?

The pocket of Jeffrey Kindler – Jeffrey Kindler is the chairman of the company who creates the popular prescription pain killer “Celebrex”. The same one that TRIPLES your risk of heart attack or stroke. To give you a taste of how “ethical” the company is… they pleaded guilty to the largest health care fraud in U.S. history in the year 2009. To make matters worse – this was the 4th time they were charged with that same crime in the past 10 years!

So how much of YOUR money goes into his pocket every year? Well… way back in the year 2007… his salary was a whopping$12,600,000.

Yes… $12.6 MILLION dollars.

That’s 1.5 million per MONTH… $242,307.69 per WEEK… $34,615 per DAY!

Now listen, I’m not against making money. Everybody wants to make more money, however, I believe in making money byhelping people… not making them sick and even killing them!

Your Doctors And Physicians – Baffled at the fact that every time you go to the doctors, you’re quickly pushed out the door with “yet another” prescription?

Here’s why.

Sales representatives for drug companies shower your doctors with free samples and office supplies in order to persuade them to prescribe you the medication they’re selling.

Some companies offer so-called “educational opportunities” for physicians to continue the medical training necessary to renew their medical licenses. Free dinners, paid trips, and speech slots at symposiums can all influence your physician’s decision to prescribe one prescription over another.

Corrupt Government Officials – Ever wonder why your wallet gets lighter every time you even THINK about your prescriptions?

It’s because drug companies have teams of lobbyists lining the pockets of our MPs so they don’t pass any “price limitations” on the pain medications and other prescription medicines you currently take.

Can you believe this madness?

It’s no wonder so many thousands of people get sent to the hospital, develop life-altering diseases and problems within their bodies… and even DIE from taking NSAID’s and prescription pain pills.

All the drug companies care about is the money… NOT you!

But that’s not the biggest problem.

The biggest problem is that… while the pain medications you’re currently taking are slowly eating away at your vital organs like a deadly virus... they’re literally INCREASING the amount of pain your body is in.

Let me explain…

Secret #3:
The Longer You Use Traditional Pain Medications… The 
LESS Effective They Become!

Many of today’s most popular pain medications aspirin, ibuprofen, Advil, Aleve, Celebrex and Motrin – are designed to fight inflammation. Others, like Tylenol and Panadol… block incoming pain signals.

But none of them target what may actually be at the root of your pain.

The problem is these powerful narcotics merely “mask” the symptoms and once the effect wears off, the pain returns. Is it any wonder that people suffering from debilitating pain would become addicted to these drugs?

Meanwhile, you keep tossing all these painkillers at the pain.

However, the longer you ignore the REAL cause of the problem… the longer you’ll stay in pain and the less effective traditional pain medication will be in managing your pain.

How We Treat Pain at Bien Jn

We are primarily a Chinese Medicine Centre that focuses on Chinese Herbal Medicine and Acupuncture. That is to say that our medicine is made of herbs. No animal products are used in our treatment or medicine.

Acupuncture is used if we diagnose a blockage in your system, so that we can target the area(s) that are blocked. Often after acupuncture our physician will additionally perform Tui Na massage. This might be for treatment of back pain or frozen shoulder.


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