Various Services That A Chiropractor Provides

Difference Between Our Acupuncture and A Chiroprator

At Bien Jn Chinese Medicine Centre we are often asked what the difference is between our acupuncture and a Chiroprator. So we asked a chiropractor to write the post below outlining what a Chiropractor does. As for us we offer far more than just chiropractic services as we are qualified doctors of medicine. However in our view the main and most important thing that separates us from most Chiropractors is that we will always look at curing the problem causing your illness or pain as opposed to just fixing the problem for the time being and thereby allowing it to return later.

***Please note the rest of this post was written by a guest blogger ***

Who is A chiropractor?

A chiropractor is someone able to treat and even diagnose issues connected to the nerves, skeleton, and the muscles. He is someone who has an approach to health that is different, and this is one which does not rely on drugs along with surgery. But they refer clients to experts as well as doctors if they could not treat a specific concern.

Even if the said professional will treat disorders that have to do with the spine, the real work that they do varies depending on what field they are specializing in. After an initial examination, this professional would be able to have a discussion of possible treatment options with patients. This allows them to suggest the right action to take for a specific issue.

Typically, the said professional is involved in different concerns on health, especially those on muscular as well as skeletal systems. They, too, are involved with negative effects which these concerns have on the nerves and the well-being of one client. Certain treatments could involve the manipulating of the spine for having discomfort eased.

Also, they would suggest the exercise programs which are capable of aligning the spine and even have it become stronger. They also give advice in terms of promoting a lifestyle considered as healthy. Also, they offer a program for balancing nutrition and even to have stress managed.

For posture correction and for controlling pain, he may suggest making use of specific sorts of braces or even straps. The specialist may even have their attention focused on a specific field, like sports injuries, nutrition, or even pediatrics. They also might focus on acupuncture.

As an example, one pediatric sort of expert helps kids overcome the medical conditions having to do with asthma along with colic. They deal with the said concerns aside from those on the cervical and vertebral areas. Training that they get for them to be specialists is very specialized and it is also costlier, and is one reason why the services they have is costly.

Aside from those chiropractors that address the main cause of a condition, there are those who dedicate themselves in trying to relieve the symptoms which a particular condition has. One among the treatments which he does is called massage therapy. Such a treatment is that which helps to decompress joints.

These are some of the possible services that a  chiropractor offers to patients. If you are looking for one to help you out in muscle and skeletal issues, the first step is to look for common resources to help you. Also, you can ask a doctor to refer one to you.


Written by Dr Qian

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