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Getting Better Healing

Stress is one normal occurrence in response to the daily events that we face and this generates a feeling of fright and may affect body functions. For instance, the body produces a fight or flight response when a danger is sensed. This is one of the ways that our body provides a natural protection. This produces focus, alertness and energy particularly in situations that require these. But, stress takes place when this kind of response is overworked and fatigued. When stress occurs, we would notice symptoms like trouble sleeping or sleeping too much, tiredness, irritability, trouble focusing, eating a lot or eating less, anxiety and unexplained pains and aches. Every person experiences stress in a different ways. Fortunately, our body has natural capabilities for stress management.

Chiropractic acupuncture also provides a natural way for stress relief. Chiropractors work on the nervous system via the spinal nerves and the spine with the use of chiropractic manipulation. With this, there is more resistance exerted by the nerves to the untoward effects of stress that the body is experiencing.

Stress relief is also felt through chiropractic acupuncture. This procedure is employed in traditional Chinese medicine to manage the flow of energy all over the body. In specific body points, needles would be used to have this energy controlled allowing reduction of complaints or symptoms. According to studies conducted, it was found out that chiropractic acupuncture is one effective means for regulating blood pressure, inhibition of nerve signals that produce pain and also in stabilizing the metabolism in the body. By having the energy in the body regulated, the body can cope with the stressful feelings and will be able to feel good.

Other than offering relief from stress, the chiropractic acupuncture procedure is also used for relieving back pain. There are many individuals who have tried this procedure and they reported pain relief as well as relief from common sicknesses. More people are now relying on chiropractic acupuncture for the alleviation of various symptoms.

A current survey in the US showed that about four in five people have complaints of back pain and experts suspect the numbers are similar in other parts of the world. Many people are suffering from this health related issue and a damaged muscles are the proximate cause. The muscles that are found on the either side of the spinal column, called the para-spinals arranged in parallel rows, are thought to be mainly involved with injury in the lower back. People suffering from lower back pain are not able to sleep soundly and they have trouble concentrating on various social activities. Others use painkillers but the effect of these is only brief and they can cause addiction and has various side effects too.

However, chiropractic acupuncture provides a great way for eliminating back pain. Through this, you will once again enjoy your life. The needles would be inserted in different regions of the back and this would have to depend as well on how severe the pain is. The cause of pain will determine how long the chiropractic acupuncture treatment will last.

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Written by Dr Qian

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