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Get a shortcut to a sciatica treatment.

Having been involved in Orthopaedic surgery for many years Dr. Huimin Qian is a specialist in sciatica treatment and all spine conditions.

Dr Qian now applies his expertise to many conditions including lumbar spine, lower back pain, neck pain scoliosis, slipped discs, sciatica and degenerative spine disorders (arthritis).

The main difference is that Dr Qian now looks for ways that his patients can avoid surgery. Most people visiting Bien Jn clinic are suffering from pain, but the pain is not the problem it is only the result of something else. His approach is to look for a solution to the root problem rather than simply managing the pain.

Most of the low backpain is referred to as “mechanical” which simply means no definitive cause, development or structural/functional changes have been identified

The pain can often be over a large area like from the mid spine to the upper thighs, it can be a continuous aching. This is because there is a wide area with many small nerves in the low back.

Alternatively, the pain from lumbar paraspinal muscle spasm, where muscles of the lower become contract or become tense.

What is Sciatica?

The sciatic nerve is the longest nerve in your body.

Sciatica is usually a nerve related pain signalled by a constant searing or burning pain. This happens when a major spinal nerve is damaged by a prolapsed intervertebral disc. The pain then radiates from the low back to just below the knee of your leg.

It is possible that this pain can subside after a short time, and they can be helped by use of a TENS machine or non-impact exercise like swimming or Pilates.

However, if Sciatica and low back pain are severe and persistent you need help. In some cases, your GP may advise getting X-rays in the hope that they can identify the root cause of your pain. Often at the same time you will be referred to a pain medicine specialist to prescribe pharmaceutical medication appropriate to the complaint.

This is the beginning of what I refer to as a management plan created by doctors not specialised in orthopaedics and spine problems. Not only is the use of pain medication not going to heal or cure the Sciatica, it simply prolongs the complaint making it more difficult to treat.

There are a number of other sciatica treatment solutions like injecting the spinal nerve with steroid under X-ray guidance to ensure accurate placement. The idea here is that the steroid can reprogram the injured nerve and reset it to its “resting” state rather than being hyper-excitable. In essence this is a strong anti-inflammatory solution placed around the injured nerve.

What Is the Solution for Sciatica Treatment?

NHS Sciatica Treatment Process

First understand that the majority of GPs are not orthopaedic or spinal specialists and often their first step when presented with Sciatica is to get X-rays or scans.

The resulting X-rays will determine if your doctor can send you to an orthopaedic specialist, or in some cases to get injections at a hospital from a specialist in injections.

The injections will not solve the root problem of why you are getting Sciatic, but it will help you to temporarily live without the pain of sciatica.

The NHS is free but it will take weeks of:

  1. waiting for a doctor’s appointment,
  2. then X-rays and
  3. then after yet another visit to the doctor,
  4. who can then then make yet another appointment for you to see the orthopaedic specialist.

That’s 4 separate appointments and weeks of your time spent waiting for a solution.

Sciatica Treatment at Bien Jn Clinic

A faster solution to your problem with sciatica Dr Qian offers you a way cut out the first 3 stages of the NHS procedure.

At Bien Jn Clinic Dr Qian sees many patients with Sciatica. As Dr Qian is an orthopaedic specialist, he can start your treatment directly after diagnosing the cause of your Sciatica.

One appointment for diagnosis and your sciatica treatment not multiple appointments and weeks of living in pain.

Dr Qian is successfully treating people with Sciatica every week. In some cases, several treatment sessions are needed, usually because the problem has been left without treatment for a long time.

The pain from sciatica problems is debilitating and there is no reason that you should have to wait to see an orthopaedic specialist.

At Bien Jn Clinic You will get better, faster sciatica treatment, all without the need of invasive procedures or pharmaceutical drugs.

Either way you get a shortcut to a sciatica specialist and treatment in a single visit not weeks or months of waiting in pain.

Sciatica Treatment and Diagnosis Crouch End

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