Where To Find a Qualified Acupuncturist

To find a qualified acupuncturist, it’s essential to do thorough research and rely on trusted sources.

For those in Crouch End, there is a comprehensive review of the 10 best acupuncturists in 2023, which can be found at https://dailylondonuk.com/best-acupuncturists-in-crouch-end-2023/. This valuable resource will help you make an informed decision when seeking acupuncture treatment in the area.

It’s worth noting that Bien Jn Chinese Medicine Centre has been awarded the title of Best Acupuncturist in Crouch End for the second year running. This prestigious accolade speaks to the high quality of service and expertise provided by the centre, making it an excellent choice for those in search of acupuncture treatments.

Why Acupuncture Works:

Acupuncture has been steadily gaining popularity in the UK, particularly in North London areas like Crouch End. This ancient healthcare practice boasts a history spanning over 3,000 years.

The challenge lies in finding a qualified acupuncturist near you.

At Bien Jn Chinese Medicine Centre, acupuncture services involve the insertion of fine needles into specific points on a patient’s body. These points are determined by the individual’s unique ailment.

The underlying theory of acupuncture is that the needles help realign a person’s ‘QI’ (or ‘chi’), ensuring its free flow throughout the body.

Typically, the needles remain in the patient’s body for approximately 20 minutes. Acupuncture in Crouch End can be utilized to address various issues such as headaches, muscle pain, and high blood pressure.

British Acupuncture Council

The British Acupuncture Council operates in the UK as a self-regulatory body for acupuncture practitioners. Your acupuncture practitioner at Bien Jn Chinese Medicine Centre is a member of this organisation.

The Council have established professional standards and accredits acupuncture training and education so membership of your acupuncture practitioner in Crouch End shows that he follows the high standards required by BAcC, ensuring your care is of the highest quality.

The British Acupuncture Council is keen to work with western healthcare professionals to show that acupuncture can be used alongside western medical care and that acupuncture in Crouch End is a well-regulated and well-regarded profession.

Harry Cayton, Chief Executive of the Professional Standards Authority said:
“We are very pleased to accredit BAcC’s register of acupuncturists. Bringing their members into a broad framework of assurance is good for patients, service users and the public and is the best way to promote quality.

The scheme offers enhanced consumer protection to anyone looking for health and social care services, and gives BAcC registered acupuncturists the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment.”

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